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creative passion. It is the human environment Tooth decay Vietnam?

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    creative passion. It is the human environment Tooth decay Vietnam? most rigid prosthetic. It is better to eat, to be better, to be afraid of nothing. Just enjoy the great things that prosthetics with dental implants bring to your own.
    Enjoy the effect of aesthetic smile and implant implant. Diet, exercise, and social interaction have been shown to be associated with slowing down the development of this disease in some people, but studies on people bearing the weak Genetic risk factors such as did not conclude. In their experiment, researchers in Finland took advantage of the "Old-age intervention study to prevent cognitive decline and injury" among other Finnish researchers to compare between People have and do not carry in person. Here helped me to appreciate myself on objectively: to create conditions for children to compare, interact with you.


    Causes of tooth decay What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    Tooth decay is caused by the combination of a series of factors such as food - mainly sugar, bacteria, teeth structure and time.

    Once the food is eaten, the food will form plaque, if not cleaned, the plaque will stick to the surface of the teeth to create conditions for bacteria to grow and develop. Bacteria will turn the sugar into acid, eroding the inorganic components of the teeth, creating cavities. Children are at high risk of tooth decay because children have a habit of eating sweets, sweets, soft drinks, etc.

    The stages of decay Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    When the teeth begin to deepen, there will appear white spots, or brown spots on the tooth surface or in the teeth. At this time the disease will gradually develop but not create cavities deep on the surface of the teeth, so the patient is difficult to recognize that he has had tooth decay.

    The next stage is that the deep holes begin to form, but they are dry, just at the enamel surface, so it does not cause any pain, so many people are still subjective and cannot recognize.

    Until deep penetration into the dentin, you feel the feeling of ê nhốt, uncomfortable when eating the food is too hot, cold, sour, ... The deepening of the deepening faster, deep hole to the pulp. causing pain. At this time if not treated will cause myelitis, which can cause death of the pulp, root infection.

    At this stage if the patient treats teeth whitening but not treatment of tooth decay, the bleach will go into deep hole and cause death of pulp.

    Tooth decay how dangerous? Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Bacterial accumulations in the mouth can seriously affect your health, which can cause a number of serious illnesses, such as diabetes and respiratory problems.

    Tooth decay causes tooth decay

    Long teeth will lose their chewing ability. They are sensitive when hit by hot, cold or sour food ... This can interfere with eating and eating, affecting the health of the sick.


    When bacteria attack the surface of the tooth, which causes enamel and dentin to enter the body, stimulation within the oral cavity weakens the body's ability to control its blood sugar. This makes the conversion of sugar into energy more difficult. Therefore, the risk of diabetes is increasing.

    Deep cavities impair memory Saigon Vietnam dental implants

    Through scientific studies have shown that our teeth status is closely related to the memory capacity of the brain. When the tooth is deep, a region of the brain is affected and the sensitivity of other areas is reduced. Tooth decay causes brain arteries to narrow, affecting brain activity. Dental diseases affect memory and increase the risk of confusion in the elderly.

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