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shown on the screen. For many of them dental in Vietnam

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    shown on the screen. For many of them dental in Vietnam appointment after the crown has been successfully made. At this time, the dentist will perform the installation of dental crowns on the patient's real teeth. And the method is considered complete if the crown of dental crowns coincides with the real dental crown and absolutely does not make any feeling uncomfortable for patients when chewing food. According to the Implant Implant Research Institute, patients who have had their teeth extracted and vacant or have worn dentures for many years may find their bone density insufficient to support dental implants.


    Too big teeth need to be adjusted to achieve more harmony and aesthetics.

    The teeth are open, adjust the gap loss. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    Chained teeth, neighbors.

    The teeth are too dark, gray,

    Teeth that is too long or too short.

    Porcelain crowns - Metal:

    A porcelain crown consisting of a metal frame inside (for chewing), covered with a layer of aesthetic porcelain on the outside.

    Common metal frames: made of chromium, nickel .... Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Common metal frame - dental porcelain aesthetic

    Titanium metal frame: made of Titanium.

    This porcelain tooth has the following advantages:

    • Aesthetics higher than normal metal
    • High durability.
    Precious metal porcelain: Metal ribs are made of gold (Au), Platinum (Pt). This porcelain tooth is a high grade dental porcelain to meet the most demanding aesthetic needs, ensuring health and safety for patients. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Zirconia porcelain crown

    This is a modern dental product of the 21st century. Zirconia porcelain teeth have brought to patients

    • Natural colors like real teeth
    • There is no black border on the gums
    • Absolute biosecurity
    Porcelain aesthetic dental bridge

    Patients who lost 1 or more teeth without Implant

    (Tooth implants) will use the correct tooth without loss of teeth to support the dental bridge to make porcelain bridges. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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