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swallowed the shell, about 4 hours to tooth in Vietnam

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    swallowed the shell, about 4 hours to tooth in Vietnam, minutes shortest. If multiple canals are damaged, they must be brought back to the dentist two to four times. However, this is only a time to consult. As mentioned above, much depends on the status of dental disease actually, the treatment time difference or difference. The dentist conducted one of the first studies on the effects of a group of bisphosphonate therapies for women with osteoporosis and mild to moderate periodontal disease. In his study, the dentist compared 60 postmenopausal women taking bisphosphonate daily or weekly for at least 3 months to reconstruct bone mass for those not taking medication. Together with Gamma-Oryzanol, scientists found that more than 27 different types of phytosterols in rice oils also help lower cholesterol levels in the body.


    Light will activate the bleach, resulting in oxidation reaction, which will whiten white teeth, return to the original natural white. To protect the eye from being shot or exposed by light, both the patient and the doctor wear glasses when performing whitening. After 1 hour, you will have white teeth as you wish What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
    The cost for a dental whitening at Dental I-DENT about 2 million VNĐ

    Increase self-esteem and self-esteem

    Gum disease and tooth decay are the main dental diseases that cause "bad breath" that you lose confidence in people around. If you have a healthy teeth, breathable breath is naturally more confident and comfortable.

    Prevent cardiovascular disease

    Cardiovascular disease is caused by many factors and is caused by chronic inflammatory diseases of the mouth. Many studies have shown that people with cardiovascular disease suffer from gum disease. So caring for your teeth is the key to caring for your heart.

    Strengthening memory Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    According to a study by the Journal of Neurology, people with gingivitis are more likely to have slower reactions and memory than those with healthy teeth. Specifically, in two areas: subtraction and talking will be inferior, often slower, or even very poorly. The reason has not been found by scientists why this is involved but you should also pay attention if you do not want "not old enough"

    Reduced susceptibility to infection

    Mouth is a place to gather quite a lot of bacteria by eating, talking and everyday life is also the birthplace of countless other diseases. There is the saying "mouth harm the body" that. Bacteria in the mouth can enter the lungs, joints and other parts of the body causing inflammation. Especially when the tooth is worm, inflammation of the gums, bacteria live in the mouth even more toxic. Oral hygiene is essential for you to protect your health.

    Stable blood glucose levels Dental tourim in Vietnam

    For people with diabetes, blood sugar levels are always a top concern. According to many experts, gingivitis and diabetes are closely related. If you have gingivitis, diabetes is more difficult to control and vice versa. So protect your teeth well, avoid the difficult chronic diseases such as diabetes.

    Help "round mother square" at birth

    Pregnant women are more prone to dental disease due to hormonal changes. If you do not properly clean your mouth, it is not easy to get sore teeth, but you can get premature babies, newborn baby weight. Therefore, even if you are pregnant, you should go to the dentist for a dental treatment to treat it. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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